Our Origin Story!

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“It’s All About The Journey Joe”...…

We are searching the world over for the finest treasures that we can find! Our story started in the 1970’s on the sunny shores of Southern California. Surfing, Knee Boarding, Skateboarding, Camping & Hiking in all the wild places that the west had to offer. This is where our sense of adventure began.

In the 1980’s we ventured out and started traveling the world. Mexico from the Baja to the Yucatan Peninsula, the Hawaiian Islands, the Jungles of Panama, the Deserts of the Middle East, and the South Korean Peninsula from the North along the DMZ to Jejudo Island in the South.

In the 90’s we traveled the US from coast to coast. Living in Savanna Georgia, Raleigh North Carolina, Seattle Washington, Mililani Hawaii, Houston Texas and a few more stops along the way. We have hiked the Georgia & Florida swamps, sections of the Appellation Trail, Tennessee & Kentucky, the Arkansas Wilderness, the Texas Desert, the Hawaiian Islands, Mt Rainier in Washington State, the North Carolina Lowlands, sections of the Pacific Crest Trail and one of the less known secret spots, the North Fork of the Feather River, Gold Mine Country!

We have had shops in North Carolina, Texas, Hawaii and California. We have held million dollar gold bars in our hands recovered from discovered shipwrecks off the coast of the Carolinas, have seen long lost Civil War artifacts brought to market, and have witnessed the unveiling of hordes of rare silver coins. Modern day treasure hunters and purveyors of rare tangible assets, available only to a select few.

We are “The Lost Paniolo” We will be hosting a real live genuine treasure hunt in the Keller/Fort Worth area soon. See us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy & Depop. RLTW!

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